Review: “The Addams Family”


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The characters in “The Addams Family” movie all standing together while looking evil

Marly Brooks, Staff Writer

Even though the spooky season has passed, the remake of The Addams Family is a family-friendly movie that you do not want to miss out on. Directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, the PG-rated fantasy/horror film premiered in theaters on Oct. 11.  

The movie is set in New Jersey, where the family is completely isolated living in their eerie mansion on the hilltop. The Addams’ were preparing for a very special visit from their bizarre relatives. Nearby, a neighborhood was being built by television personality, Margaux Needler. Margaux’s dream was to sell every house in the neighborhood, so that she would receive the recognition and credit she longed for. Conflict arises when she realizes the Addams’ mansion is an eyesore and is putting her dreams in jeopardy.  

The Addams Family features many well-known actors, such as Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, who plays the role of Pugsley, Chloe Grace Moretz, portraying Wednesday, and Charlize Theron, playing the role of Morticia. Every cast member did an exceptional job at voicing the characters and used lots of expression. 

Rotten Tomatoes reviewed the film and rated it a 44% stating, “The Addams Family’s starry voice cast and eye-catching animation aren’t enough to outweigh its saccharine handling of the delightfully dark source material.” Another source (IMDB), rated it a 5.9/10. 

The Addams Family is a dark, yet friendly film that will not leave you disappointed.