Review: “Charlie’s Angels”


Eric Cropper

The Townsend Agency’s Angels go international in the 2019 movie “Charlie’s Angels.”

Isy Kristick, Staff Writer


“Charlie’s Angels” flew into theaters on Nov. 15 building upon the initial television series and the series of movies. The television series debuted in 1976 featuring three Angels, their supervisor John Bosley and a mysterious boss, Charlie Townsend. The franchise expanded onto the big screen with the 2000 film “Charlies Angels” and 2003 movie “Charlies Angels: Full Throttle” featuring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Lui. The film follows two Angels for the Townsend Agency and an Angel recruit as they try to stop a piece of technology from falling into the hands of the villain, who is not revealed until the end.

The Townsend Agency goes international in the “Charlie’s Angels” 2019 movie. The once small agency featuring three Angels has expanded to include Angels across the globe, and the name Bosley now serves as a rank in the agency. Elena Houghlin, played by Naomi Scott, is the lead developer at a technology company that is creating a new source of clean energy called Calsito.  However, she finds a flaw in the device that allows it to be weaponized. Houghlin tries to come forward about the flaws in the device but is pushed aside by her boss, Peter Fleming played by Nat Faxon. Instead, she approaches the Townsend Agency about the flaw where she is attacked by an unknown assassin, later identified as Hodak played by Jonathan Tucker. Sabina Wilson, an Angel, played by Kristen Stewart, takes Houghlin into custody alongside Angel Jane Kano played by Ella Balinska and make Houghlin an Angel recruit. The movie is filled with twists and turns as the Angels and their handler Bosley played by Elizabeth Banks, attempt to apprehend Calisto from the enemy before it is too late. 

The movie balances the past films and television show while still creating a fresh take on the series. Kristen Stewart and Luis Gerardo Mendez, who plays Saint, the Angels personal health advisor, provides necessary comedic relief throughout the film. The film also features Patrick Stewart as John Bosley and Noah Centineo as Langston. Cameos are made by Lili Reinhart, a well known Netflix actress, and Ali Raisman, an Olympic gold medalist, as Angel recruits. However, the film has not been successful in the box office having only made $8.6 million on the film’s debut ( Additionally, the critics have given the film a 58% as a rotten tomato score. Although the critics rated the movie low, the audience rotten tomatoes rating is 81% (  

Senior Gabby Izzet, who saw the movie this past Saturday, disagrees with the critics rating and stated that, “‘Charlie’s Angels’ is a very entertaining movie due to its combination of comedy and action.” 

Overall the energetic, funny, and action-packed film provides a fresh take on “Charlie’s Angels” and leaves the audience on the edge of their seats as they are taken through the ups and downs of the movie.