Disney+, is it a plus in our lives?


Isy Kristick

The Disney titles that were once scattered across different platforms are now found on one streaming service, Disney+.

Isy Kristick, Staff Writer

Attention Disney fansthe wait is over with the new release of Disney+ on Nov. 12. It gives viewers access to all their favorite Disney shows and movies at their fingertips, but will Disney+ fulfill expectations. This streaming service features over 500 films and approximately 7,000 television episodes from Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox and National Geographic (www.cnbc.com).

Disney+ is currently $6.99 per month for the general package, which includes up to seven profiles and four devices streaming at once. Disney also offers an extended package which is $12.99 per month that includes Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ (www.disneyplus.com). But how does Disney+ stack up against its biggest competitor, Netflix? 

Netflix was founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings and was released in August of 1997. Netflix was originally a website where people could rent DVD’s, receive them in the mail, and return them once they were done (www. Interestingengineering.com).

However, the company has since grown into what it is today, a streaming service that features about 4,000 movies and 47,000 television episodes, some of which are Netflix originals, with over 151 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix’s monthly cost is $8.99 for the basic package which allows one device to be streaming at a time with regular definition.  Netflix also has a standard package which includes a high definition (HD) streaming with two accounts and two streaming devices for $12.99. Netflix’s most expensive package, the premium package, costs $15.99 a month for HD and ultra HD for four streaming devices at a time (www.businessinsider.com).   

Although Netflix historically has been the leader amongst streaming services, the title of the best streaming service could be up for debate with the introduction of Disney+, which is more affordable. One of the biggest comparisons between the two-streaming services is the amount of films and television shows that each provides.  

According to Stephen Decatur chemistry teacher, Sara Patrick, “If I had to pick, I would pick Netflix because it has more T.V. shows you can binge.” 

Although for some, the number of options Netflix provides has pushed it above Disney+. However, Disney+ offers more desirable titles that some prefer. One major criticism following the release of Disney+ was that the streaming service does not have a continue watching section, where a viewer could easily access shows that they were watching previously.  The issue has since been addressed and a continue watching section has been added. Disney+ also releases their television episodes weekly rather than whole seasons at a time, like Netflix (www.businessinsider.com). 

Overall each streaming service provides different advantages and only time will tell which will hold the title of the best streaming service.