Chorus holds winter concert

Lydia Woodley, Ads Manager

The fall chorus class held their annual free winter concert on Dec. 10. The concert is based around songs of the holiday season. The choir sang songs including “Oh Holy Night” and “Christmas Time is Here,” with an old school twist of “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations. Additionally, the show choir, decked out in holiday outfits and pajamas, preformed songs like, “Grown Up Christmas List” and “The Grinch.”  

Music was chosen by Christine Bradford, the choir teacher, based off the student’s voices and how the songs fit with the school curriculum set by the county.  

Thirty students participated in the concert and have been preparing for three months. Bradford says that preparation included, “whole group instruction, small groups, and individual practice on our YouTube channel where students are able to listen and practice their parts online at any time. For choreography, students prepare during class and after school.”  

Choreography for the show choir was done by three students, junior Amanda Jones and seniors Laura Meadows and Oksana Worthington. Students stayed after school every week to learn and perform the extra show choir songs.  

Seniors Laura Meadows and Okasana Worthington participated in their last winter concert. Choir class has become very close to their hearts. Worthington says, “When I came in as a freshman I was closed off, now it [choir] has opened me up. It has become like family.” 

Meadows adds that her favorite part of choir is, “seeing everyone’s different abilities and how they compliment each other.” She also added, “[Bradford] is the best teacher ever, she puts the program before herself. She has taught us so many skills.” 

This year Worthington had the senior solo and sang Ocean Eyes by Billie Ellish. She states that she chose this song because, “it has a good message and I connect with her song and her ability to get over depression through music.” 

Choir will have another concert in the spring for the second semester students.