SGA Holiday Door Decorating contest takes over the halls

Brittyn Leonard , Staff Writer

The Student Government Association, also known as SGA, geared up for its second annual Holiday Door Decorating contest. As it is quickly becoming a fun, festive, tradition throughout the halls of Decatur, the competition heated up quickly. As soon as the Thanksgiving break ended, teachers and students did not waste any time getting the contest started.  

Social Studies teacher and SGA advisor, Maggie Berke, commented, “…we started this competition last year to boost the holiday spirit throughout the school and it was really fun, so we wanted to do it again.”  

Current SGA treasurer, Julianna Fohneris excited to judge the doors and stated, “…it’s a great way for the school to show holiday spirit and gets everybody involved.”  

Senior Caroline Gardener and active SGA member stated, “…it is a really fun and competitive contest. A lot of classes go all out and gets the school in the holiday spirit.”  

All SGA members will vote and decide the winning door on Monday, Dec. 16. There will be a winner for every subject and an overall winner for the school.