The National Parks are being forsaken


Courtesy of Creative Commons

National park rangers gathered celebrating the find your park movement.

Hannah Johnstone, Staff Writer

The National Park Service has been protecting important landmarks for hundreds of years and are facing many problems that need to be addressed. Today, there are over 1200 national parks in over 100 nations circling the globe. These parks help preserve national wonders, wildlife, national monuments, and provide fun excursions for families all around the world. National parks are necessary for the stability of the environment and are in a crisis that is not being dealt with in the proper manner.   

The lack of funding is one of the issues the parks are facing. Astrid Santini, an employee at the Biscayne National Park in Florida, describes how “There has been a lot of focus on increasing the budget to pay for billions of maintenance backlog.” The Trump administration is cutting funding and their idea of solving this problem is by modernizing the parks. This idea disrupts the environment the National Park Service has been trying to preserve for the past 100 years. 

The administration is aiming to make parks more modernized by adding Wi-Fi, food trucks, and Amazon delivery. The Los Angeles Times states that food trucks are lined up under the redwood trees at the Sequoia National Parks. These parks are meant to provide people with a serene place where they can take a break from their sedulous lifestyle and indulge themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. Businesses are coming to the parks and interrupting the secluded ecosystems and there is little being done to stop it.  

Roads, trails, restrooms, visitor centers, and other infrastructures are crumbling since not enough money is being donated to the parks. The Guardian, a British newspaper, states that, “The White House wants to reduce spending on the National Park Service by 15%, or 481 million, even as the service has said it is facing a more than 11 billion maintenance backlog.” The fact that The White House is cutting funding when the parks are already in debt shows how they are being overlooked in a time when they are needed most. 

The national parks need to be properly dealt with and for the people who want a more commercialized way of camping, there are plenty of other options outside of these parks. In order to maintain the splendor and purity of thnational parks, they need to be maintained and secluded from modernization to preserve the natural beauty of the outdoors and some of the greatest world wonders.