Cole Woodland is the second in his family to win the Stock-Market Game


Kaitlyn Mourlas

Cole Woodland poses with his regional champion plaque for the Stock-Market Game alongside Kurt Marx and Tom Sites.

Isy Kristick, Staff Writer

Decatur takes the region in the fall semester session of the Stock-Market Game. Junior Cole Woodland finished in first place for the region and sixth for the state with $117,884 in the game. This fall session for the competition had 117 teams competing for the region and 701 teams state. Cole Woodland’s brother Chase Woodland was Stephen Decatur’s first state champion in the game in the fall of 2007. The Woodland brothers are Decatur’s first set of siblings to both win the competition for the region.

According to Kurt Marx, the business and finance teacher at Decatur, Cole Woodland executed smart investment strategies with patience throughout the competition and, “He bought what he should have and sold what he should have.” Some competitors bought stocks and bailed out when the prices began to drop where as Cole Woodland was patient and waited to sell until the stocks rose, so he could earn money off of the stocks.

Cole Woodland was also recognized during the Everfi ceremony that took place on Dec. 18 alongside 28 other students.The Everfi ceremony recognizes students for completing the Everfi program which focuses on improving peoples financial literacy. The program is sponsored by the Bank of Ocean City. At the ceremony Earl Conley, the Vice President of the Bank of Ocean City, addressed the participants about the importance of being smart with investments and finances. Principal Tom Sites also made an appearance and gave a speech regarding mortgages and the importance of saving money. Following their speeches the students were honored and received their certificates.