Taco Night shatters records again


Owen McAdams

People at the taco bar where they select their fixings.

Owen McAdams, Staff Writer

A jam-packed cafeteria was flooded with hungry people Tuesday, Feb. 4, at the kickoff of Stephen Decatur High School’s eleventh annual $1 Taco Night. The event is run by volunteers from Sonrise Church, with special contributions from Mother’s Cantina, Elliott’s Hardware, and Carrabba’s to help out the school. The fundraiser was an overwhelming success with all the proceeds going directly to school funding, whether it be events, maintenance, or increasing the quality of education. 

The Taco Night fundraiser is extremely beneficial to both the school and families, allowing the school to increase its budget toward things it could not previously do, while also supplying families with delicious tacos, to eat in or to carry out, along with other goodies like snow cones and a variety of many desserts. Amie McCaslin, a parent of a Stephen Decatur Middle School student, reflected on the night, by stating, “Taco night was a great way to bring the community together to raise money for the school. I know a lot of volunteer work went into the planning for it and we had such a wonderful time!” 

This year the number of people was unprecedented for Taco Night. Assistant Principal Trevor Hill, who helped run the event stated,The turnout was definitely the biggest we’ve ever seen.” The Taco Night fundraiser has only grown as the years have gone on, and is still on the upwards spiral, which is great news for both the school and its community.