Review: “The Turning”


Courtesy of Creative Commons

A nanny experiences many strange and terrifying events in the house she resides in with two peculiar children.

Emily Lipscomb, Staff Writer

“The Turning” is a 2020 adaption of Henry James’ 1890s Gothic horror novel “The Turn of the Screw.”  In the book it tells the story of a governess who is residing at the possibly haunted estate, Bly Manor. In the new version Kate Mandell played by Mackenzie Davis leaves her teaching job to work as a live-in instructor for Flora Fairchild played by Brooklynn Prince a young house bound orphan who never leaves her family’s mansion.  

Kate is getting used to her new job when Flora’s older brother, Miles played by Finn Wolfhard returns from his boarding school after being expelled for beating up a classmate. Soon after his return, Kate’s one pleasant job turns into a nightmare when Miles proceeds to harass and torment Kate even making inappropriate comments towards her. As time goes by Kate notices strange things about the mansion and Miles. Kate starts seeing ghosts and Miles’ behavior worsens everyday.  She starts to think he has been possessed by the mansion’s previous caretaker Quint  

Despite the movie having well-known actors such as Finn Wolfhard, the movie has not been successful. Critics gave the film a 13 percent as a Rotten Tomato score and the audience gave the film a 14 percent. score ( Overall, the film was not very successful and had an estimated budget of $14 million and on the movies debut “The Turning” only made $6.9 million ( 

Junior Joseph Lockwood saw the movie last weekend and has the same perspective on the film as the Rotten Tomato ratings.  “The movie was overall boring. I felt as if I was going to fall asleep and the ending left me confused as it ended so abruptly.”  

With what was supposed to be an adaption for Henry James’ great horror novel “The Turn of The Screw,” it left the audience confused and frustrated.