First woman to coach in the Super Bowl


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Assistant Offensive Coach Katie Sowers looks on as she works her players through their game plan.

Bridget Buxbaum, Staff Writer

This year’s Super Bowl is a little bit more historic than usual, due to Katie Sowers being the first openly gay female coach competing in the Super Bowl. She was hired in 2017 as the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive assistant coach. Katie Sowers has been interested in football ever since she was a little girl. Both she and her twin sister even aspired to be on a real football team one day. In 2013, Katie was able to join a football team and played for the United States Women’s National American football team.

Sowers also was passionate about coaching athletics, as she coached a fifthgrade girls basketball team. Many people noticed her coaching skills and were impressed, one of them being NFL executive, Scott Pioli. Scotts daughter was a part of the basketball team that Sowers was coaching, and he later offered her a job for the Atlanta Falcons. Sowers ended up leaving with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers, where she got her role as offensive assistant coach.

Sowers has been paving the way for not only women in football, but she is also helping the LGBT community.  She mentioned how exciting the whole thing has been but makes sure her focus is 100 percent directed towards her job and the success of the team. Sowers wants everyone to know that she does not want to be a show for the NFL or the news. She wants to be there to coach. All she needed was someone to believe in her and give her the opportunity.

In August 2017, she wrote on Facebook “It’s important for all to know that dreams are achieved by first finding someone who sees your worth and value, regardless of your gender, and takes the necessary steps to clear a path, even on the path less traveled.