Decatur supports Delmarva Blood Bank


Andrew Ball

The set up in the gymnasium as students came in to donate blood.

Bridget Buxbaum, Staff Writer

Stephen Decatur gave back by hosting their second blood drive of the year on March. 3. Each year Delmarva Blood Bank teams up with Stephen Decatur for this great cause. This drive takes place in Decatur’s gymnasium, where all students and staff are welcome to participate. The first blood drive of the year had about 70 donors, while this blood drive had around 50 donors. 

Although it is not a hard process, there are a few requirements. To donate blood, you must be at least 17 years old. Additionally, there are height and weight perimeters that are considered. Before you give blood they ask you to fill out a questionnaire, asking about previous medications, piercings or tattoos, and any other health factors.  

They recommend the donors to prepare by eating food and drinking water regularly at least two days before donating blood. The blood drive provides an abundance of snacks and water for the donors to eat before and after donating blood.  

First time blood donor, senior Jesse Albino, was seen waiting to give blood. He stated, I felt nervous and scared, but was glad to be doing it for a great cause.” Another donor, junior Haley Welsh, said she felt “cold” after she gave blood, which is a common side effect.  

One pint of blood could save up to three lives, so consider taking 15 minutes out of your day to help the blood shortage. Even though this experience may not have been as easy and exciting for some, it is for a great cause and always exciting to save a life.