Tame Impala recently released a new album,The Slow Rush.

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Tame Impala recently released a new album,”The Slow Rush.”

“Tame Impala” new music breakthrough 

Since producing three admired albums,Tame Impala” is back with his fourth record, released on Feb. 14, The Slow Rush. Tame impala is a solo project run by 34-year-old Kevin Parker; however, he has four other band members that assist him but, he records the music by himself From starting in his hometown of Perth, Australia, to record labels in LoAngeles, Kevin Parker has created a desirable career. 

The album’s name, The Slow Rush, comes across as billow of new beginnings for his musicIn Parkers new collection, he steps away from guitars and his notorious psychedelic style, and into new, modern hip hop and techno approach. From an interview with Charlotte Gunn, editor of New Musical Express (NME)he delves even deeper into his opinion of the new music genre.  He states, I think the way the world changes…the way music changes and the way it’s made, it paves the way for things like that that are new and scary at the time.”  

This album leaves a powerful impression. Parker shows his fans that growing and thinking differently is uncommon and may be difficult, but it is worth it. This idea of changing and trying new things, is what makes him relatable and able to connect to his fans. While talking to sophomore Zoriah Shockley, an avid listener to Tame Impala, shared, “I really enjoy his music, it puts me in comfortable laid-back mood.” Shockley describes his songs as vibe” and “stress reliever” whenever she is upset. 

Parker explains the reason he did not have the album released sooner was because it did not feel right and he wanted his fans to be blown away by the new styleHe describes the music as accustomed in a way where thoughts that cannot be explained, become lyrics. That’s what the best lyrics come from: sentiments and feelings and thoughts that you’ve not been able to previously talk about or share or put into words... a way of turning it into something that you can express,” Parker said on an interview with Boston Radio station.  

“Tame Impala” has been in the music business for over 15 years and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. Parker wants to continue to grow in the music industry and become a world creator for listeners everywhere.    

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