SDHS groups place top eight in Stock Market Game

Owen McAdams, Staff Writer

Decatur had very strong showing in the 2020 spring Stock Market Game, having three of the top eight teams from the stateEach team starts out with $100,000 in hypothetical money and over the course of 10 weeks, teams can buy or short stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs). These are traded on AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE, where whoever makes the most money wins. The SDHS teams were the top three in the region for the game, and in the top eight at the state level out of 1,198 teams. The teams were led by Houston Phillips, who came in at sixth with $117,209 earned, then Morelia Camacho-Arriola and Madi Lawrence at seventh with $112,509 earned, and Conor Perry and Jackson Halverson at eighth with $109,926 earned.  

Business Chairman Kurt Marx continues to lead his students to success during the Stock Market Game, having won eight state championships and 22 regional champions since 2007. My philosophy has always been to have the students make their own decisions.  I feel that they learn more that way,” Marx states.  He gives his students freedom, allowing them to learn firsthand from their mistakes and successes, making the Stock Market Game an interactive learning experience for the students.