Decatur takes fourth place for Maryland in the annual Economics Challenge

Owen McAdams, Staff Writer

Two Stephen Decatur High School teams tied for fourth place for the state of Maryland in the annual Economics Challenge. The girls’ team included Madison Birckett, Keshawn Corbin, PruthaPatel, and Sam Lekites and the boys’ team comprised of Caleb Adkins, Nick Gordon, Jackson Halverson, and Conor Perry 

The Econ Challenge is a 30-question multiple choice test, with each question being worth 10 points.  There are four people per team, and the top three scores are counted.  The questions cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, and applied economics.  The test is sponsored by The Maryland Council on Economic Education.  

Senior Madison Birckett, a member of the girls group reflected on the challenge saying,Overall, the test required a lot of critical thinking in order to determine how certain actions would impact economic events. I am so proud of my other teammates and I’m glad that we represented our teacher well!  A member of the boys’ group, junior Nick Gordon, stated, “Our group was prepared, we felt confident in our performance on the challenge thanks to Mr. Marx’s teaching.”  

The groups prepped continuously, as senior Prutha Patel explained“Mr. Marx helped us during class when we struggled with the practice problems and reasoned through them with us. As our teacher he taught us what the study of economics was which helped us accomplish the challenge. 

The results of the challenge is a reflection of the students’ hard work, as well as the teaching of Mr. Marx, who puts his students in positions to succeed both in the Econ Challenge and in their future endeavors.