County approves plan for sports


The boys varsity soccer team get ready to take on Mardela at home.

Brittyn Leonard, co-editor-in-chief

In mid March 2020, the world changed forever. People all over the country were forced to stop everything around them as a global pandemic became everyone’s top priority. Businesses shut down, schools closed, and people were quarantined and isolated from the world around them.

With this, athletes everywhere were heartbroken hearing the news about potentially losing their seasons. When this became a reality and sports cancelled their spring seasons, athletes and teams all over the country were devastated.

Worcester County released a statement on Sept. 14 stating sports were back, although not fully. The statement included a drawn out schedule about how sports would be taking place this school year. Starting Sep. 28, spring sports would be up first and would be allowed to start practices until Oct. 30.

Following spring sports, fall sports would be next, starting Nov. 2 and continuing through Dec. 4.

Lastly, winter sports practice’s would start Dec. 7 and go until the start of the real season which would start Feb. 1 and end Mar. 27. After that, fall sports would then start back up again Mar. 15 and go until May 8.

Ending the year, spring sports would start Apr. 26 and finish on June 19.

Junior athlete Meredith Eitel commented on this statement, stating, “…I think it’s going to be weird playing sports twice in one year, but I am glad that we have the opportunity to play.”

Eitel is a three-sport athlete, playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. She continued stating, “…I love all the teams I’m on and it was hard not to play, especially my lacrosse team because we missed the season together last year.”

Senior athlete Victoria Mueller is also eager to get back on the field. Mueller has been a stand out two sport athlete on both the soccer and lacrosse teams since starting her freshman year.

Mueller stated, “…the space between our practice season and game season will be different, but I’m excited to get back out and play with all my teammates for my senior year.”

Senior golf standout, Katelyn Davis also expressed her opinion about the upcoming seasons, stating, “…personally, I think fall and spring sports will be a little difficult considering some of the kids that play fall sports may not be able to finish out their season because they’ve got spring sport practices to attend at the same time. With that, I am happy that they came up with a plan to try and fit all teams in, rather than just cancelling certain seasons.”

Although this might not be the way these student athletes were expecting their seasons to go, it is a blessing we have sports at all. With college and professional sports both starting to pick up momentum and get their season’s rolling, it seems things are starting to change.

The world is going to take a lot of time to get back to what we know as normal, but with sports starting back up it helps us escape the problems we are facing and focus on something other than the pandemic.