Worst debate in history?

Brittyn Leonard, Co-editor-in-chief

This past Tuesday, the two presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, met in Cleveland to debate upcoming issues surrounding the country. This was a very anticipated event and people all over the world tuned in. Quickly, spectators realized how this debate was going to go and many turned off their television before it was even over.

Referring to this debate as “the worst in history” or a “mockery of American politics,” people all over the country did not shy away when voicing their opinions. As Trump interrupted Biden and Biden called Trump names, it seems this was the furthest thing from a cordial or non-passive aggressive presidential debate. Many also criticized Moderator Chris Wallace, saying he was one sided and in support of Biden.

Wallace commented on the debate saying, “I never dreamt that it would go off the tracks the way it did.” He went further to say it was a “terrible missed opportunity,” but says he “felt fine with his performance as a moderator.” He stated the debate could have been more productive, stating, “…I am just disappointed with the results. For me, but much more importantly, I am disappointed for the country.”

As Biden went on to call Trump names like “clown” and “the worst president” it showed how unprofessional he was about the debate. Going as far as saying, “will you just shut up man?” Biden showed under pressure he could not collect his thoughts and resorted to attacking Trump’s character, rather than answering questions head on. The former Vice President commented on the debate and stated, “…it was embarrassing for the country.”

Many can argue that Trump was not as professional either. He would often interrupt Biden and triggered media backlash for his performance. Jason Miller, an American spokesman, told ‘Special Report’ that “Joe Biden got his rear end kicked last night and the media wants to change the subject.” Calling Trump the “dominant force” in Tuesday’s debate, the right was very clear about who they felt won the debate.

No matter who you support, in the end we are all Americans and we should all respect each other. Both candidates made digs at one another and by doing that they lower people’s respect of their image. Calling names and forcing interruptions is not a way to run a debate and in the end, it does not accomplish much.