Is mask mandating a violation of our rights?


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The question of is mask mandating a violation of United States citizens rights has sprung due to COVID-19.

Jamie Adams, Staff Writer

Public health professionals have expressed an urge and requirement to wear face masks. This is solely to decrease the spread of COVID-19. However, many people feel the mandate of wearing facial protection is a violation of their rights.

A Health Freedom group, located in Idaho organized a protest against mask mandates. One protester said, “I am afraid where this country is headed if we just all roll over and abide by control that goes against our constitutional rights. “The thought of these protestors is that mask mandating violates Americans First Amendment right. A women performed a sit-in at the entrance of her local Costco in Hillsboro, Oregon. When asked to put on a mask or to leave she responded with, “I am an American, I have rights.”

These protestors feel that wearing a mask goes against the freedom of speech and the liberty to make decisions about their own bodies.

A lawsuit was filed by four Florida residents against Palm Beach County. Their reason was that the mandate of wearing masks, “interferes with … personal liberty and constitutional rights.” The case was later dismissed on July 27 as the court stated that, “No constitutional right is infringed by the Mask Ordinance’s mandate, and that the requirement to swear such a covering has a clear rational basis based on the protection of public health.”

While these anti-maskers are against the government’s orders, others are for it, simply stating that no rights are being violated.

Trina Harrison, a local dental assistant, must wear her mask all day, whether seeing patients or not. When asked if the mandating of masks is against the constitution, she responded with, “The government is simply trying to stop and slow the spread of this virus.” Harrison stated, “ I do not feel that our rights have been violated, solely for a mask.”

Others also feel this way, Junior Jude Vandornick at Stephen Decatur stated, “It is annoying to always make sure you have your mask on you, but it is worth it because mask mandating is one of the only ways to get things back to normal.” Vandornick states, “People always try to find a way to go against what lawmakers and professionals say, but experts know that this is currently our best shot at beating COVID-19.”

Health experts say that the evidence proves that masks can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and simply the more people wearing masks, the better.