Wednesday, October 14


Today celebrates National Fossil Day, National Dessert Day, and National Emergency Nurses Day! Make sure you thank a nurse for all they have done and are doing during this pandemic!

Lunch for today includes: Nachos with Beef Filling and Salsa, Steamed Corn, and Strawberry Cup, OR Turkey Bologna and Cheese on Roll, Strawberry Cup, and Fresh Orange.

Students, please note that the science and math wing is gated off today as we administer the SAT. No students will have access to that hallway until 5th period. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding, and good luck to all those taking the SAT today!

Decatur Nation! Continue to follow the safety protocol and procedures set in place. Remember that only 4 people may be in the restroom at one time. If there are four, please hold it just a little more, or find an alternate bathroom with less than four.

Remember to base your decisions on the Decatur Way principles. Pride, Achievement, Respect, and Responsibility. Have a Wonderful Wednesday Decatur!