Delayed SATs


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A school classroom with desks for students to take tests

Brittyn Leonard, Co-editor-in-chief

Every student who enters their junior year of high school has a lot on their plate, with hard classes like Advanced Placements and duel enrollment courses, and of course, the SATs. The standardized test puts every high school junior on edge, even months before they have to take it. Studying hard and doing everything they can to be prepared for the exam, they stress wondering if they will receive the scores they need to attend their desired schools.

For the class of 2021 though, this was not the case. In March of 2020, the world shut down. Schools and businesses everywhere closed and families were forced to stay home. This meaning, all things involving contact were cancelled, including the SATs. Juniors at the time were stressed as everything involving college was up in the air.

Most colleges recently have gone “test optional,” meaning SAT scores will not be looked at when examining applications. This leaves the class of ’21 with an important question to ask themselves, why take the test if I do not need to?

Senior Katelyn Davis has expressed her opinion on this topic, saying “…even though they are test optional right now, you never know if they will change their minds mid school year.” She went on to state, “I feel that with the SATs being held during senior year is actually a lot better, reason being, junior year is already so stressful, and one of the most difficult years. You have all of that stress and slap the SAT right on top of it could make it a lot worse. During senior year, you are mainly taking the final few credits and it is a breeze, so it is easier to manage your studying.”

Another Decatur senior, Seren Egenski will also be taking them for the first time on Wednesday, Oct. 14. She stated, “…I feel less prepared but I am not too worried about it. I have never even taken the PSAT so I do not really know what to expect.” When asked about schools being test optional and why she is taking the SATs, she responded with, “…I am just curious about my scores. If I do not do well I just will not submit them.”

Former Seahawk, Lexie Rakow feels differently on this topic. She decided it was in her best interest to not take the SATs. Explaining it is hard to find schools allowing to hold students to take the test, she expressed herself by stating, “…a lot of schools understand that it is very hard to find a place to do it so almost all schools waived it.”Rakow continued with, “…I never had an opportunity to take the SAT so I am happy that all the schools Iam looking into chose to waive it because then it did not impact my application process.”

With this past year being so chaotic, no one is certain about the future. Lots of questions concerning schools has surfaced lately, one mainly being, will test optional become the new norm or did the SATs just “take a year off.” We can only wait and see how these actions will effect the future as time will tell if schools made the right decision.