Traveling for the holidays during a global pandemic


Courtesy of Creative Commons

A plane set to travel for the holidays

Brittyn Leonard, Co-editor-in-chief

As Halloween dies down and the thought of the holiday season fills everyone’s minds, in the wake of the recent year we have had, things feel a little off this season. With COVID-19 still a top priority, the question seems to circle as everyone starts to plan their family gatherings, is it safe enough to travel during this time?

We all know the holidays are the busiest travel weeks of the year. Knowing everyone wants to see family and spend time with relatives, this sometimes requires leaving and traveling to different states. With packages and bags being shipped all over the country during a global pandemic and people gathering on planes, this type of travel may feel unsafe to some.

Junior Hannah Mourlas expressed she was traveling for Thanksgiving this year. She and her family will be traveling to St. Augustine, FL this upcoming week. Mourlas stated, “I am not going on a plane but if I was going by plane I would feel safe enough because everyone should be wearing masks.” She followed up by stating, “…I think it will be weird to stay in hotels on the way because every state has different policies, but I feel that we will be fine when we get to Florida because we are staying in a house and will have our own car to drive around rather than an Uber or rental car.”

In addition to Mourlas, Junior Ryleigh Cunnane will also be traveling to Florida this Thanksgiving with her family. She will be flying to Tampa and stated, “I feel safe in a plane because I am healthy and taking all the proper precautions.”

According to Dr. Henry Wu, the director of Emory TravelWell Center and associate professor of infectious diseases at Emory University School in Atlanta, “…traveling is fine if you are willing to be cautious, follow the rules and adapt easily to changes of plan.”

Traveling this year will be very different and as they take more precautions for how you get to your destination, there are also some rules they are asking you to follow when celebrating. Keeping gatherings small, quarantine before travel, increase ventilation in homes, wash hands frequently, and if you are around someone with compromised health wear a mask, are just some of the many suggestions the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed.

As the end of the year sneaks up, people should not be concerned about if it is safe enough to travel to see family. It should be a time about enjoying one another’s company but unfortunately this past year has been something no one was prepared for. As the deadly surge of the virus continues, it is only a matter of time before we will know wether or not it is or it is not fully safe to travel again.