Recap: Greys Anatomy season premiere



Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek Sheppard from Greys Anatomy

Brittyn Leonard, Co-editor-in-chief

Premiering on Thursday Nov. 12, fans were excited and eager to see how this season of Greys Anatomy would start off. Key characters like Meredith Grey, Teddy Altman, Owen Hunt, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Jackson Avery, and Jo Wilson were all back for this upcoming season. After an unexpected end to last season due to production shutting down, season 17 had a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Starting the episode off, we see the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as they deal with everything about COVID-19. Taking place in April 2020, all the doctors are on edge as countless patients die because of this disease. This pandemic is mainly taking a toll on Dr. Grey as she seems tense and frustrated the entire episode. As doctors Hunt and Altman plan to get married, Hunt refuses to discuss the details of their wedding after finding out Altman had cheated on him the previous season. As Dr. Wilson starts to engage in a romantic relationship with Dr. Avery, Dr. Webber returns to Grey Sloan after having surgery in last season’s finale episode. Chief of Surgery, Dr. Bailey must deal with the stress of running a hospital during a global pandemic. As the episode concludes, fans freaked over the return of Dr. Derek Sheppard. After dying in a car crash in season 11 and leaving his wife, Dr. Grey, and kids, Sheppard is seen on a beach in a dream like depiction. Fans do not know why or how Dr. Grey is seeing him, but it will likely be explained in detail in the following episodes.

Drawing 5.7 million viewers, this episode actually served as a cross-over episode with hit show ‘Station 19,’ which is also written and produced by the same people as Greys Anatomy. The two-hour premiere special had fans completely caught up on the storylines from last season, as it was cut a couple of episodes short due to the pandemic. Maggie Fremont from Vulture Magazine wrote in her recap of the episode, “…aside from dealing with the pandemic, the two-hour premiere pretty much caught us up, even if very quickly, on where every character’s drama from last season stands.”

Junior and Greys Anatomy fan Danielle Consigli, started binge watching this show over quarantine and quickly became obsessed. Expressing excitement over the season 17 start, she stated, “…I would rate this premiere a solid 6/10. I loved how they brought back Derek, however, I thought it focused too much on the issue of COVID-19 and although that is important, the main part of the show is the surgeries.”

Along with Consigli, Senior Morgan Davis has been an avid fan of the show, watching every season. Reflecting back on last week’s episode, she said, “I liked all the character development, the drama, the relationships, and the overall unpredictability of the rest of the season.”

After an explosive season premiere, it is clear to fans that this season will be one to remember. As rumors have said this could possibly be the show’s last season, fans are eager to see how they will continue the rest of the season.