The impact of the spring sports cancellation on players


Courtesy of Brittyn Leonard

The girls varsity lacrosse team before COVID-19 began.

Kaeli Newcomb, Staff writer

In March, Worcester County decided to shut down schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19 concerns. As a result, the spring sports season was ultimately cancelled. This left many to wonder when or if the season would resume.

Seniors were heartbroken when they heard the news that their season had been cancelled. Class of 2020 athlete Sarah Engle stated, “Going into my senior lacrosse season, I think I can speak for every senior that we all knew what had to be done to win. There were a lot of experienced seniors on the team who had played a big part in getting to the semi-finals the year prior. This was definitely the year to win it all, and it was really upsetting that all our hard work was left unfinished.”

Although the cancellation of the 2020 spring sports season was tragic for those affected, it was previously released that certain spring sports would participate in a five-week training period to make up for the season beginning Sep. 28.

The spring training season has recently concluded, leaving many to wonder if it was helpful to the players.

Sophomore lacrosse player Sophia Krasner stated, “I think it did help because we all got to play together and got used to each other. It prepared us for the season we have in the spring.”

Not all spring sports decided to partake in the five-week training period. There were mixed emotions among players regarding each sports decision.

Junior softball player Chloe Candeloro stated, “Everyone is eager to play, since we did not get to have our season last year. I know I would have loved to get back on the field to try to make-up for losing our season.”

With the 2021 sports season quickly approaching, it begs the question of what the next year will look like. One thing we can all agree on this holiday season is the hope for a new year and a return to normalcy.