The effects of the fall sports cancellation on players and coaches

The 2019-2020 JV volleyball team in good spirits at a home game.

Courtesy of Audrey Mumford

The 2019-2020 JV volleyball team in good spirits at a home game.

Kaeli Newcomb, Staff Writer

The 2020 fall sports practice sessions neglected to finish out strong as originally hoped. For each sports team at Decatur, practices began on Nov. 2. All of the fall sports ended unexpectedly which left students, coaches, and parents confused and irritated.

Sophomore soccer player, Collin Bunting, expresses his frustration at the season’s cancellation. He stated, “I felt like we were robbed of our season and left unable to improve in the sport.” This is the common consensus of most fall athletes whose season has been taken away.

Sophomore volleyball player, Audrey Mumford also shared her dissatisfaction as she stated, “When we got the news from Governor Hogan that we would all be going home again, I immediately felt sorry for the upperclassmen, because these are their last few seasons. Volleyball is a driven team sport, and last fall we did multiple team-building exercises, like going camping and going to the pool together. Speaking from experience, these girls are some of my best friends and I will miss being able to see them every day.”

However, there is hope on the horizon. The plan is to resume the fall season in February 2021. This will be especially meaningful to seniors who have been working the longest with the dream of finishing out their high school sports career.

Field hockey coach, Scott Kurtz expresses a similar sentient by stating, “Our girls and especially our seniors deserve an opportunity to play and while we can only control what we can control, we cannot wait to get back out there playing Decatur hockey again.” Decatur coaches have had to quickly adapt to the unforeseen circumstances, but have done their best to remain positive. Kurtz goes on to state, “The cancellation of our final weeks of practice was unfortunate, but it does not change our goals. We still hope to take the field sometime this spring to continue our progress.”

With talk of a vaccine on the way, the hope is that life may return to normal for 2021. Players, coaches, and family members are anxiously waiting to see if the fall season will resume in February or if COVID-19 will have another surprise in store. For now, all we can do is stay safe, take necessary precautions, and hope to see our fall sports players out on the field this spring.