Churches wish to end worship limits


Contributed by: Madeline Hamm

Coastal Community, a church that currently holds limits to worshipping and capacities.

Madeline Hamm, Staff Writer

In today’s day and age, attending Sunday church service is a way of bringing people together. With  praise, worships, and prayer, people connect and rejoice through their religion. It is a place people lean upon when times get tough.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, people may need church more than ever.

With what feels like a never ending quarantine, to most people church is an escape. Unfortunately, social distancing and capacity limits restrict everyone from coming together at once. Because of this, churches around the United States are reaching out to higher authorities to end worship limits.

The Supreme Court, however, says otherwise. According to the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, churches attendance restrictions are to be classified into “zones,” restricting attendance.

Nevertheless, John Roberts, chief justice of the United States claims that they can not go on with the regulations when the Constitution is under attack.“No world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques,” Roberts stated.

Melanie Wooldridge, an Ocean City resident, feels a similar way. She states that if we live in a world where we can “take a flight, go to Walmart, and go out to eat, we should be able to worship. Under no circumstance should our rights to worship be targeted.”

Simply, what is best for the community? People may argue that coming together as one to worship is a what the community needs in terms of regeneration, but not the safe alternative.

Kaitlyn Thatcher, a teacher at the high school Stephen Decatur believes that there are other creative ways that churches can accommodate more members. By adhering to the capacity limits, “offering additional worship services throughout the day would allow more worshippers to be able to attend,” she stated.

The struggle of an up-keeping attitude is affecting millions worldwide. With churches not being at full capacity, the shut doors are presented and people of great faith start to lose hope.

Jessica Gresczyk is a member at the Coastal Community Church, she stated that, “…there are feelings on both sides. However, more importantly, people are missing their relationships with their church family and friends…there would be a huge burden of depression lifted when worship happens.”

Church is the type of place to bring people together, not draw them away. “There is something powerful about the move of the Spirit in worship with church,” Gresczyk stated. Therefore, to most people, the feeling of hopefulness fulfills the loneliness of the pandemic.