Senior schedule


Kaitlyn Mourlas, Editor-In-Chief

The class of 2021 has missed out on everything that makes up a classic high school senior year. They never got their first last day of school, senior walkout, homecoming, and currently there is no way to know if they will get to have senior awards, senior nights, sports, prom, and graduation.

Principal Tom Sites had a meeting last Thursday with both the National Honor Society (NHS) and senior class officers. They spoke about how to hold a few of the important events that traditionally happen towards the end of the school year. These events included prom, graduation, and senior awards like Baccalaureate.

Prom would take place as usual, in late April, but the dance would be full of many untraditional elements. The idea of holding the prom outside, under a tent, and on school grounds was a hit with the officers. If this style of a prom would not be allowed by the Worcester County Health Department, Sites brought up the option of doing something along the lines of a Grand March. Maskswould be mandatory for all students and staff, and the dance would more than likely be an all senior event.

Last year, the boardwalk graduation was a hit in the eyes of many students and staff members. Considering the positive feedback, this form of a graduation is definitely the top contender for the class of 2021. Senior Nico D’Amico attended the graduation on the boardwalk last May and stated, “I would love to have my graduation on the boardwalk this year. It was such a great time to bring the community together to celebrate, especially during the hard times of lockdown.” Because of the strict COVID-19 guidelines, not many other options for graduation were discussed.

Many students have had concerns about senior awards this year and would like to be recognized publicly for all of their hard work. NHS officer and senior Skyler Mahoney stated, “I personally like to dress up and walk across the stage to receive my award because I think it is much more special.” During the meeting Sites told the students that he is trying his best to figure out something so each student feels special.

This year has been hard on all students, but especially the senior class. They have missed out on everything a senior year is composed of, and it is truly heart breaking for family, friends, and teachers to witness. The final stretch is near and Decatur’s administration is working hard to give them something special to remember.