Are celebrities bad role models for kids?


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Young singer and teen role model, Miley Cyrus, singing in concert before her downward spiral

Brittyn Leonard, Co-editor-in-chief

Everyday we hear news about celebrities in the tabloids. Whether it be actors, musicians, or professional athletes, the list of high-profile people goes on. Everywhere around the world, we are exposed to the lifestyle we all think we want to live. We love them, we obsess over them, and sometimes even want to be them. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears have all shown us over the years how fame can get to your head. With all of this fame, sometimes the spotlight is not so fun for these celebrities, which raises the question, are celebrities bad models for the youth?

It is no hidden secret that most young stars are exposed to the so-called “party scene” early in their careers, which some engage in illegal things. Such as drinking and drugs, most not even of the legal age. Stars being arrested and serving jail time has become the new norm. Teen stars are over-sexualized way too young, which sends a negative message to children everywhere about what the perfect body type needs to look like. With social media being so dominant in today’s society, kids everywhere are seeing this at all times.

Young children learn by example and observation, so when celebrities are getting in trouble with the law and posting revealing pictures of themselves on social media, they might not stop to think about how it can affect their young fan base. According to the Novak Djokovic Foundation “…youngsters mimic and absorb the images on the screen interpreting them as reality.”

Growing up in a time where technology is so prevalent, children are exposed repeatedly to these celebrities. Anne Steinhoff said in her article, “The Influence of Celebrities on Children’s Upbringing,” that “…children start to fixate on famous athletes or music stars from a young age.” This proves the point that when children start at such a young age to obsess and idolize these people, we can’t trust their young and undeveloped minds to know right from wrong.

With all the negative attention celebrities obtain, they can use their platforms for good as well. Just as kids are easily influenced negatively, by supporting charities and making donations, celebrities hope to spread a positive message to children as well. The article “Celebrities Put Star-Power to Good Use,” by, stated, “…it is wonderful that celebrities have the power to make us aware of causes that need our support.” Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and her family have been very avid in their support of charities regarding COVID-19. Along with Jenner, world famous singer P!NK, has also voiced her opinion and made donations to COVID-19 relief funds.

While celebrities do support charities and try to bring awareness to problems regarding our world, they do more harm them good when they act negatively in the media. These actions will have effects on younger children and unfortunately celebrities are so sheltered so young, they might not even realize how much harm they are doing to their young fan base. It is important to understand that everyone makes mistakes, and we must express this to young kids. They might not fully understand, but with teaching them that no one is perfect and understanding the importance of self-worth, we can maybe change the way they see these celebrities.