Arctic Refuge at risk for oil drilling


Contributed by: Creative Commons

The Arctic Refuge, a place where many organisms depend on the cleanliness and safety of their environment.

Madeline Hamm, Staff Writer

The arctic refuge is one of the last places on Earth that has been untouched by human impact. Although it is a severely protected environment, rumors about oil drilling in the area have been circulating.

Oil drilling is a process in which a tube and a pump are connected and wired throughout the Earth’s surface. Once a well is developed, the oil becomes easily accessible.

The question of initiating oil drilling in the national refuge has been a controversial problem for decades. With it being a home to many endangered species, people question the outcomes of oil drilling and the safety of the environment.

Many businesses are spreading awareness by getting people involved in the movement. For example, the “Save The Arctic” foundation has an option for the public to donate to continue strengthening their work. You are also able to fill out your email to stay connected and be alerted.

The main worry to go forward with drilling for oil is the loss of cleanliness and conservation. Not only does it contaminate the water that provides many resources for the organisms, the large machinery is an eye sore that takes away from the beauty of the natural ecosystem.

Lauren LaCour, an elite travel adviser has traveled the world and visited various arctic regions.  She states that she is “anti-drilling due to the environmental impact possibilities.”

The “Protect The Arctic” foundation sounds and manages their work similarly as the other organizations around the world. With a similar opinion, they state that “This process could threaten local wildlife, indigenous cultures, and the global climate.” Within each day, you are able to go onto their website and see a different task that you can take action on to be a part of their movement.

Other places are also taking measures to keep certain areas as clean and protected as possible. Ocean City, MD is taking action in installing wind turbines for benefits of alternate energy.  This results in a similar problem with oil drilling, since the new view causes a stirrup in the natural view of the ocean.

The east coast consists of a major natural wildlife conservation identified as the Isle of the Wight. Located in Bishopville, MD, this park allows public touring, boating, and fishing. By keeping the park clean, the state of Maryland sets out regulations that the public can and can not do to avoid destruction on the beautiful conservation.

With these areas working together,  they are able to spread awareness to the public. The planet  will continue to evolve while obtaining natural surroundings.