Students at Decatur with small businesses


Courtesy of Ezra Morningstar

One of the styles that Morningstar has available for purchase.

Kaeli Newcomb, Staff Writer

Out of all the students at Decatur, there are a select few who have decided to go out on their own and become entrepreneurs. Some may think of this as “unconventional” as opposed to the typical ‘summer job’ that most teenagers pursue. If you find something that sparks your interest, chances are it could be a potentially successful business.

Junior Hannah Mourlas at Decatur is a great example of taking something you enjoy and profiting from it. She created “Stamped By Hannah,” a jewelry making and engraving business found on Instagram.

“I decided to start making rings because I always thought the stamped jewelry was so cute, but overpriced. I wanted to make them at a more reasonable price,” Mourlas stated.

Although some may say that starting a business while in high school is naïve, business teacher, Kurt Marx disagrees.

“I think starting a business as a high school student is a great idea. In general, high school students do not have expenses they have to pay (rent, food, electricity, etc.) so there is very little risk to starting a business,” Marx stated.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy feat. When you take into consideration the supplies necessary, the time it takes, and having the confidence to put your idea out there, it can be extremely overwhelming.

Sophomore Ezra Morningstar recently came out with a clothing brand called Spoof Apparel. He was inspired by his love for skating and graphics.

“I have had the idea for a company, I just needed to save up money to start it. I got the first order of shirts and they sold pretty quickly. I have been fluctuating more on designs, how to sell clothes and make them cheaper so more people can buy them,” Morningstar stated.

Morningstar and Mourlas are inspirations to any teenager wanting to become an entrepreneur. It takes hard work and courage, but with the right mindset and the willingness to take on a new challenge, it can be rewarding in more ways than one. Anything that sparks interest could be worth pursuing as a small business.