SDHS Stock Market Game team places in state championship


The Stock Market Game takes place every year. SDHS has won nine state championships since 2007.

Meghan Bean, Staff Writer

This year brought more success for our Stock Market Game (SMG) participants with Stephen Decatur’s students making up four of the top eight spots for the state championships. In the SMG, each participant starts with $100,000 in theoretical money that they can manipulate and use to gain more money. At the end of the games Houston Phillips placed first with $167,084.52 giving him a second state championship win to go along with his previous two regional championship wins. These successes have made him the most recognized SMG competitor in our school’s history.

Another record set this year was by Kim Kauffman. Her performance this year has awarded her the title of highest portfolio amount by a female participant in SDHS history with $130,776.74 and sixth place in the State Championships.

State Champion of the SMG Houston Phillips explained that there was a definite difference between this year with the pandemic and years prior. He elaborated to say, “It was more of personal research and work rather than getting information from Mr. Marx.”

Specific differences this year according to Phillips were with larger companies such as Tesla and Apple where, “In the past few games you had to find [stocks] that were very well known that you thought might explode because of the pandemic and take advantage.” There were drastic changes in the economic climate and trends this year surely complicating the SMG.

The other two SDHS competitors who placed in the state championships are Jordan Wingert who placed fourth with $138,335.58 and Evan Kinsey in eighth place with $127,776.01. Evan who has competed in years prior said,“You had to play kind of a different game than the other years because of COVID.” He relates his success to being involved in the SMG for several years and the experience it has given him.

Stephen Decatur was one of 428 teams that competed in Maryland and ended up with people in the top ten. Their success was no small one among the ever-changing stocks and economy and with the large amount of competition. Congratulations!