The Plan for 2050

Global warming has taken a negative toll on many species, including polar bears.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Global warming has taken a negative toll on many species, including polar bears.

Jamie Adams, Staff Writer

The United States continues to top the charts for producing and putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year. The U.S. is the world’s second largest emitter, following closely behind China.

Because of the abundance of greenhouse gases being produced, the Earth’s average global temperature has been increasing at a rate of .15- .20 degrees per decade. Although this seems like such a small number, the effects from this increase are only negative.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, “If trends like this continue, and if countries fail to act, the world will face catastrophic changes. Sea levels will rise, ocean temperatures and acidity will increase, and the ability to grow crops will be in danger.”

Many other countries have taken action on this matter and conducted a plan in efforts to eliminate global warming. Achieving net zero admissions by 2050 is the goal for the U.S.

Net zero emissions means that any human-produced carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere through technology or through natural ways. Without this global plan, scientists predict that some parts of the planet will be completely inhabitable.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the global average temperatures steadily increased. According to John Holden, a professor of environmental science and policy, stated, “The last six years were the hottest six ever recorded. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations also climbed to a new high in 2020, reaching levels unseen in millions of years.”

During Joe Biden’s campaign, he ensured Americans of the 2050 plan for the U.S., and while climate experts say the goal is aggressive, he deems it achievable.

After sworn in, Biden announced that John Kerry, formally the Secretary of State, is now his climate envoy. Kerry has stated that the climate will be treated “as the urgent national security threat that it is.”

With combative efforts from the U.S. government, as well as other governments world wide, Earth can remain habitable as we reduce and eliminate global warming.

The next time you leave a room, turn the light off, save energy and help to reduce this worldwide problem. Instead of throwing your old clothing out, donate it, and instead of throwing that plastic to-go container out, recycle it. Although the little actions may seem non effective, a little change can go a long way.