Is going back to school worth It?

Many students complete schoolwork online.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Many students complete schoolwork online.

As of this February, more and more students are returning to the building for “in person learning,” but is it as different as you would think?

Because students have the option to go back to school full-time, have a hybrid schedule or opt- out of second semester as a whole, all curriculums will continue to be based online. Notes and assignments are all completed and submitted virtually. This also means all students are being required to attend each class’s Zoom schedule in school or at home.

Sophomore Sophia Krasner states, “I do not see the point in going to school to sit on a Zoom call when I could just do it from home.” Krasner plans to have a hybrid schedule and is going to school on B weeks starting Feb. 6.

Though sending students back to the building sounds like a great idea, it also presents risks. According to the CDC, Worcester County’s contamination rate is currently at eight percent, that percent is risk level four (out of five). In the school’s previous attempt to return, an outbreak occurred causing the whole building to be sent home, which could  likely happen again if the school’s established protocols are not followed.

Despite the possible problems in-person learning could cause, it also provides many benefits to students. Sophomore Alina Bernal-Clark stated after being in quarantine so long, “I am not efficient anymore and I procrastinate so much. I am so tired of my house too.” As well as creating a more substantial daily routine, going back to school provides a sense of normalcy. It allows students to get out of the house, something everyone looks forward too these days.

In school learning also greatly decreases the possibility of students skipping class and not completing their work, as well as providing more help from teachers. Students also get to endure social interactions with their peers, which is not as common these days. This helps a huge problem the pandemic has caused, mental health issues due to lack of socialization.

This past year has thrown the “normal” school experience into a whirlwind, forcing educational boards to come up with new and reasonable options. In school or out of school, both have benefits as well as risks, but in the end it depends on the student and their wants and needs.