School sports return to Decatur


Courtesy of Lifetouch

The varsity football team set to take on James M, Bennett in last years homecoming game

Sports are back and teams could not be more excited. After almost a whole year of uncertainty revolving around school, finally getting the chance to compete is something players can now look forward to. With students back in the building, sports are the next thing up. As of Feb. 2, the Bayside Conference announced they would move forward with the second semester “return to sports” plan as counties like Talbot, Wicomico, and many more opt in.

As this plan is set in motion, fall and springs sports will return to the Eastern Shore, unfortunately leaving out winter sports. As we pass the time frame of winter sports, it is just would not be possible to fit all three seasons into what little time we have left in the 2020-21 school year. As this is a set back, the Bayside Conference looks to plan for fall and spring seasons.

Fall sports returning include: Football, field hockey, soccer, cross country, and volleyball. Teams can start practices as early as Feb. 13, with their seasons, including games, scheduled from March 5 to April 17. This includes six weeks of games and practices, before slowly moving into spring sports.

Spring sports include: baseball, softball, lacrosse, track and field, tennis, and golf. They will also get a chance to compete in the upcoming months. Starting practice April 17, and moving into games from May 7 to June 19, this will also include six weeks for competition.

Sports director at 47 News, Travon Miles, commented on this plan stating, “…while there will be no state playoffs, the Bayside is hoping to culminate the season with divisional or conference championships.” Although there will be no state championships coming to Decatur this year, hopefully teams will still have a chance to compete for conference championships and maybe go as far as divisional or regional championships, all depending on what the Bayside Conference decides on.

Sophomore Shelby Rosemond made a huge impact on the varsity basketball team last year. After again making varsity lacrosse last year, she was upset she did not get to play her freshman year out on the field last season due to the cancellation. After hearing the news about the return of sports, she stated, “I was very upset about not being able to play my sophomore basketball season because I was really looking forward to it. However, I am excited to start the lacrosse season and I am hopeful that we will have somewhat of a normal season since our last one was canceled.”

Senior Katelyn Davis is eager to see how she and her team does this fall season. Being a key member of Decatur’s golf team over her high school years, she is determined to finish out her last season as a Seahawk strong. Davis stated when discussing the upcoming season, “I am just grateful for the opportunity to be able to participate in my senior season.” As Davis and the rest of the golf team is used to having their season in the end of summer, she expressed concern about playing in the cold. As she looks to move on and take her talents to Hood College next year, she went on to state, “…I am sure it will be cold, but it is a chance to play and prepare for my college career.”

As teams start practice and eventually move into games, it is a time to cherish the memories and the opportunity to be out on the field. Players and coaches, especially those on spring teams, have to deal with their seasons being taken away from them. They look to build off last year and improve in all aspects of their respective sports. Although this year has had its challenges, sports create not just a sense of normalcy, but a chance for these teams to compete and do what they love.