Should students be allow to grade their teachers?

A school classroom where students are taught by teachers

Courtesy of Creative Commons

A school classroom where students are taught by teachers

In school, students worry and stress about grades the entire year. They work as hard as they can to achieve the best grade possible in the classes that they are enrolled in. Worrying about grades can push students to try their best and work their hardest, but should students be allowed to grade their teachers to push them to work hard and try their best as well?

Students should be entitled to their own opinions about their teachers and should have a say in how the classroom is run because at the end of the day, teachers are at school to educate the students. According to Myles Lewis at The Daily Advertiser, “By students having the ability to grade teachers, it allows teachers to see their progress and be able to make their class more enjoyable for the student.”

The more students enjoy the classes they are taking, the better they will do in select courses since they will be more engaged in the classroom. The teachers are accountable for making an environment for students where they feel comfortable and teachers should know they are doing a good job or not.

Sophomore Shelby Rosemond expressed her opinion on this topic, stating,”I believe that students should be able to grade their teachers because some teachers do not take enough time to really teach and make sure their students understand the work given in classes, especially during online school.” Rosemond continued to state, “I also think it would give the administration a sense of how the students in the school think about the teachers and give teachers a feedback on how to improve their classes.”

Getting a proper education in our country is a right that all children deserve. Some children and teens learn differently than others. Having a grading system for teachers will also allow teachers to find ways to connect with their students better.

Junior Kayla Barrett also shared her thoughts stating, “I think if I had the opportunity to grade my teachers it would give them ways to teach me how I learn my best. Some teachers at our school assign the same work everyday and just sit behind the desk on their computer. I feel as this system would make teachers be more involved in the classroom and I would do better in school”

There are a few online websites that have started to adapt this new way of  commenting on teachers ability. The controversial website “Rate my Teacher” is one of the popular websites where students go to look for comments about teachers they will soon have, as well as go on the website to leave comments about their previous teachers. Many students enjoy this website, but sometimes the comments are over the top and can hurt teachers creditably. These types of websites should be used for constructive criticism and helpful comments.

Although some people may say that this gives students too much control, students going to school are responsible for ensuring that they get the best education they can, while they are still in school so they are prepared for adult life. Taking steps to hold teachers accountable for doing their job at the best of their abilities have fallen into the hands of students. Implementing a system where students grade their teachers is one way students can have a say on how they are educated.