Senior schedule update


Courtesy of Kaitlyn Mourlas

Sites recently released this list of school events on social media.

Kaitlyn Mourlas, Editor-in-Chief

The class of 2021 has not had a great senior year, or even a traditional senior year at all.  Seniors have missed out on  every event so far, but the remainder of the school year seems promising. Principal Thomas Sites recently released a list of dates and events that are scheduled throughout the months of May and June.

These events include Senior Awards Night, the Boardwalk Procession, Baccalaureate, and the Graduation Ceremony. All ceremonies, besides the Boardwalk Procession, will be held in the Louis H. Taylor Stadium. Senior Ian Ramnarain stated, “I am glad they are trying to plan out these events, but I am also skeptical because there is still a chance of an outbreak. There is no promising we are even going to be in school for the rest of the year.”

The annual Senior Awards Night will be taking place on May 18, the rain date is the following day. The Boardwalk Procession will be held exactly one week later, May 25, the rain date will also be the following day. Baccalaureate is taking place the same week as the Boardwalk Procession on May 27, the rain date is May 28. The main event, Graduation, will be held on June 2, and the rain date will be June 5.

Governor Larry Hogan has just announced that all outdoor events can be held at 50 percent. This most likely means that all seniors will only get a select number of tickets for each event, much less than in previous years. Senior Nico D’Amico stated, “I really hope Governor Hogan increases the percent at which events can be held at. I want my grandparents and siblings to be able to attend my graduation, but that seems unlikely due to the capacity limits.” The number of spectators, details, and ceremony times will be announced at a later date according to school officials.

The one event that seems to be missing from this list is Prom because the school is finding it very difficult to get this event approved by the Health Department. There is a lot of uncertainty while planning a prom during a pandemic, and the most asked question is, “How will students social distance?” Because of all of the guidelines and limited time, Sites stated, “As for Prom, I hate to say it but it is becoming less likely, which really breaks my heart. I am trying everything in my power to figure something out.”

Although the school seems doubtful about holding a prom, Decatur parents have taken the planning into their own hands. On May 1, there will be a Senior Send Off at the Windmill Creek Vineyard from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. in honor of the Decatur senior class of 2021. This event is in not school affiliated, and all students must sign a waiver to participate. The Senior Send Off is for Stephen Decatur seniors only and the dress code is formal, just like Prom.

There will be a limited number of tickets sold and each ticket is $30. There will be a dance floor, plenty of space to take photos, food trucks, and games. Every student is asked to bring an extra change of clothes, preferably white, that can get dirty, and changing stations will be available. For more information on this event, please visit

Now that sports are back in session and most students are in school, life has started to feel semi-normal for the class of 2021. Their hopes are high for the remainder of the year and thanks to parents and teachers, the senior class may finish their high school career on a high note.