Review: “Tom and Jerry”

Classic Tom and Jerry artwork
courtesy of creative Commons

Classic Tom and Jerry artwork courtesy of creative Commons

“Tom and Jerry” 2021 is another sub-par reboot of an adored franchise trying to appeal to a younger generation. The movie was written by Kevin Costello and directed by Tim Story and stared Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, and Colin Jost. The film released in select theaters and on the streaming platform HBO Max Feb. 28.

The film takes place in New York City and follows Kayla, played by Moretz, who had just conned her way into a temporary position at the exquisite Royal Gate Hotel. The hotel is hosting a wedding for Ben and Preeta, played by Colin Jost and Pallavi Sharda, who are fictional celebrities in the movie.  Kayla is quickly put to the challenge of working for the hotel when she is tasked to get rid of a mouse, Jerry. She hires Tom the cat to help her catch Jerry so no one will see him and to make sure the hotel’s reputation is not ruined. Throughout the movie Tom and Jerry create mayhem causing the full cast characters frustration.

The movie received extremely poor reviews across top tier reviewer platforms. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received a 25 percent critics score and a contradicting audience score of 84 percent. The Rotten Tomatoes critics consensus stated “It isn’t the worst of the long-squabbling duo’s feature-length adventures, but “Tom & Jerry” is disappointingly short on the anarchic spirit of their classic shorts.”

Another source, IMDb, gave it a 5.3/10 stars with currently 11,900+ reviewers. IMDb estimated a budget of $50 million dollars and a worldwide box office of $57.2 million dollars.

Metacritic had a Metascore of 33 percent with 8 negative, 7 mixed and 2 positive reviews. The Metacritic user score reviewed it with a 5.7/10 with 27 negative, 27 mixed and 40 positive reviews.

Senior Brooke Ranney streamed the film over the weekend and had a couple things to say. “The new Tom and Jerry movie did not even come close to capturing the essence of humor the classic cartoons portrayed. While watching, I kept checking how much time was left because it dragged on for what seemed like forever.”

The whole movie seemed like a lazy way to bring back a beloved franchise and an easy money maker for Warner Bros. The movie tried to appeal to the younger generations and did it in a somewhat “cringeworthy” way and tried to follow current trends and at times completely forgot the roots of the original franchise.

The franchise “Tom and Jerry” didn’t really work with the plot of the film because it was originally a 10 minute short animated film with no dialogue. Overall “Tom and Jerry” failed at producing a decent plot and tried too hard to please a younger audience.