Will teaching ever be the same?


Kaeli Newcomb

The iPads and Logitech accessories have made remote learning possible for everyone.

Kaeli Newcomb, Staff Writer

All over the world, the domination of COVID-19 has caused most things to change. The transition from the typical school day of eating lunch with friends, doing group work and seeing what teachers look like behind their mask, has become a thing of the past.

Worcester County Public Schools have done their best to keep some normalcy in light of the safety precautions needed to be pursued. Many changes have happened which have made the lives of students, teachers and administrators different than anything ever seen before.

Coincidentally, just before COVID-19 struck Worcester County, students and teachers were all given Apple iPads, Logi Tech keyboard cases and digital crayons. This technology made it possible for everyone to be able to attend Zoom classes, when remote learning was fully in affect. This technology made for many benefits, one being the greatly decreased use of paper. Secondly, it has given flexibility to those who need to participate in distance learning.

The technology has been supported by a great majority of the students. Sophomore Hannah Dang states, “I think using the iPads, instead of paper, is beneficial to the environment and students as well. Instead of passing out papers, you can just open the file on the iPad. Students are comfortable with the iPads and know how to work well with them, additionally it helps with organization.”

Although, the adaption to remote learning and the transition to an environment of full technology, was daunting at first, teachers have found new methods of teaching that are tried and true to them. As for students, they tend to adapt to things quickly, because the world is always changing. There is always a new type of technology emerging.

Certain teachers have plans to return to how their teaching style was before the pandemic, when planning for future years. Others have accepted the changes in a more permanent fashion.

Spanish Teacher, Karen Phillips, shared her opinion on the subject, stating, “I will probably go back to using pen and paper next year, because I want to make sure that the students focus is held, and with less technology that is easily accessible the material will be remembered better. Students benefit from having to think for themselves.”

The easy accessibility to cheating, and looking up answers has been more common. In years past, students were still able to use school issued computers, but now all schoolwork is done on the iPads, which allows for Google to take a more prominent role in class.

English teacher, Kaitlyn Thatcher, shared her opposing view, “I think the iPads partnered with the crayon allow for innovative learning opportunities to take place in the classroom. The iPads offer a variety of applications and programs for students to be able to produce assignments in creative and engaging in ways.” She continued by stating, “As we move towards a more technology-driven society, I think it is only natural that education would follow that same direction.”

The iPads have brought in many mixed opinions, for teachers and students alike, but the possibilities it has paved the way for, from taking notes, doing projects and not being able to say, “my dog ate my homework,” have created a future that is looking to be predominantly technology based. The opinion as to whether that is good or bad, is something only time will tell.