Decatur teams dominate the Stock Market Game


Kurt Marx

Pictured are state champions Evan Kinsey (left) and Houston Philips (center), and Zach Powers (right), who got third in the state.

Rife Leonard, Staff Writer

The recent Spring Stock Market Game (SMG) has seen another outstanding showing from teams at Decatur. Teams participating in the SMG start out with $100,000 in theoretical money, and during the course of the game they compete to see who can earn the most money through the stock market.

Houston Phillips and Evan Kinsey achieved first in the state, setting a state record of $291,159. In addition to three regional championships, this is Houston’s third state championship, displaying pure dominance over the competition. 

Business Chairman Kurt Marx reflected on how Decatur teams performed, saying, “I was and am very excited about how well SDHS did in the SMG, especially when you consider Houston and Evan surpassed $290,000. No one in SDHS history had ever surpassed $200,000 before (Houston was the closest at $197,000). Houston spends a great deal of time analyzing individual stocks and the market as a whole.” 

Starting off with a bang was Zach Powers, who achieved third in the state by accumulating $180,875 during his first time competing in the SMG.  

Marx’s philosophy is to allow students to do their own thing, only being there for guidance if they need it. “As in most things hard work really helps. I really don’t give them much help, the students earn it on their own.