The Clinton conspiracy


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Hillary, former presidential candidate (pictured left), and Bill Clinton, former President of the United States (pictured right), have been involved in numerous conspiracy theories.

Bill and Hillary Clinton rose to fame in the early 90’s, as democratic political figures. While their notability has continued to soar, the couple has been subjected to conspiracies having to do with the mass elimination of people who could pose a threat to them. These “threats” are defined as any person or organization with the power to expose the heinous crimes the Clintons have supposedly committed.

According to many, this conspiracy is said to be debunked. Although, the evidence to defend the Clintons are slim compared to the compiled reasons as to how this is a strong possibility. According to NBC, “the conspiracy theory related to [Bill] Clinton first emerged in 1993, through a newsletter published by a former attorney in Indianapolis, Linda Thompson”. In her letter, titled, “COINCIDENCE OR THE KISS OF DEATH?” The first cases regarding the Clintons that made eyebrows raise, were the deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and James McDougal.

All of their deaths occurred within five years of one another. Vince Foster, was a close colleague to Hillary and a former member of the White House Council. On July 20, 1993, he suffered a gunshot wound to the head, and was later deemed suicide. Almost three years after Foster’s death, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, died in a mysterious plane crash. It seemed ordinary that the pilot must have lost control of the aircraft or an engine blew out. After further investigation, bullet fragments were found lodged in Brown’s skull. James McDougal, the final component in the creation of the conspiracy, was a longtime friend and business partner to the Clintons. He was a key witness in the investigation on Ken Starr. Starr was a front runner in exposing Bill Clinton, for the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, resulting in his impeachment. McDougal died of a heart attack on March 8, 1998, shortly after it hit the press that McDougal was a key witness in the Ken Starr Investigation.

The deaths of Foster, Brown, and McDougal could be simply coincidental and have no correlation to the Clintons, although in 1994 a similar case presented itself. Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife to Danny Ferguson who was the co defendant in the Paula Jones lawsuit alongside Bill Clinton. Kathy was a possible corroborating witness and was found dead in her living room with a gunshot wound to the head, with several suitcases packed as if she was about to go on a trip. Kathy’s death was ruled suicide, and shortly after, Danny was found shot dead at Kathy’s grave sight after threatening to expose the people behind her falsely ruled suicide.

According to Ohio State University in an article titled, “Who Shot Ya?— The Clinton Body Count List,” it stated, “The timing of these accidents, along with the vast and often veiled resources afforded to those in the Executive Branch make it possible the Clintons were behind these events.” The victims do not stop there, celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Tim Bergling, and Chris Cornell are also involved in this conspiracy.

It is rumored that Cornell, Bourdain, Bennington, and Bergling were all working on a documentary with the sole purpose of exposing abuse crimes against minors, titled The Silent Children. Once news broke that they were in the midst of exposing the abusers, they were all found dead in 2018. This documentary had unknown continents that would be detrimental to the careers of many famous faces.

A website called WikiLeaks, is where most secret information surrounding this conspiracy has come to the surface. Some of the most crucial information in supporting this conspiracy is due to an e-mail, that was dug up to initially accuse the Clintons of their extreme misconduct. This e-mail contained a full and descriptive list of the people who’s lives have supposedly fallen victim to the Clintons. This e-mail stated, “let the public become aware of what happens to friends of the Clintons!”

The question that presents itself is, what do the Clintons have to do with abuse against minors? The Clintons have dipped their toes in the pool of child sex trafficking through a conspiracy, called Pizzagate. Pizzagate is a theory that believes that James Alefantis, the owner of a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong, was running an underground pedophile ring in the back of the restaurant, with the help of none other than the Clintons. When this conspiracy began to gain believers, the main supporters began looking deeply for information regarding Alefantis. What conspiracists found was mainly on the anonymous messaging board called 4Chan. They found messages supposedly between many higher ups, such as the Clintons, other socialites and Alefantis. They found hundreds of messages, that were extremely odd, using words such as “cheese,” “pizza” and “hotdogs” in sentences that made no sense using those words. Symbolism would become their downfall, as these “code words” were exposed to reveal the hidden meanings, that were orders for what types of children were requested for the pedophile rings. Between the disgusting pictures on the walls of the restaurant by artists who create murals and paintings of children, in a revolting fashion, and the uproar of celebrities all flocking to an average pizza place seemingly out of nowhere, was simply more reason to support this conspiracy.

The Clinton’s have undeniably remained at the forefront of politics since the 90’s and have overcame many challenges and failures. The accumulation of these “coincidences,” are indisputable as well. There can only be so many coincidences before it is something to look further into. These cases only scratch the surface of the suspicious activity that occurs between the Clintons and their victims. When taken into account, the repetition within all the cases and the suspicious behavior involving Pizzagate, is left up to the beholder. Although, it is not about the political stance, it is about taking into account the patterns that should not be given a blind eye.