Decatur team places high in the Finance Challenge


Courtesy of Mary Berquist

Pictured from left to right: Ian Ramnarain, Owen McAdams, Business Chairman Kurt Marx, Zach Powers, Principal Thomas Sites, and Elizabeth Pivec.

Rife Leonard, Staff Writer

Decatur’s team achieved eighth place in the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE) for Personal Finance Challenge. The Finance Challenge is a test that comprises of 50 questions, where participants receive 10 points for each correct answer they get, and zero for an incorrect answer. Only the top three team member’s scores count. 

Business Chairman Kurt Marx remarked on the dedication of the students, saying “What’s crazy is that three of the four had not even taken a business class prior to the challenge. They are also facing extremely fierce competition. As far as I am aware this is the best a Decatur team has done in the Finance Challenge.” To prepare the students, Marx had those participating take practice tests of the Finance Challenge. 

The members comprised of Ian Ramarain, Elizabeth Pivec, Zach Powers, and Owen McAdams. Leading the way was Owen McAdams who scored a 450 out of 500 points. McAdams explained how he prepared, saying “I took the practice tests Mr. Marx gave us many times to get a feel for the test. I also looked at Quizlets and other study material to prepare myself for the test. Getting to see that work pay off was really rewarding.