The first week back


The Hawk file photo

Stephen Decatur High Schools front entrance

Coming back to school from the pandemic has certainly been a change, but most students are happy to be back. Senior Kylie Cosman is one of them.

“While I enjoyed being at home, I missed the school atmosphere and functions,” she said. “Going to sporting events after school was always one of my favorite things to do with my friends, and I am so glad we are able to do it again. I attended the varsity football game last Friday, and the field hockey games held last Wednesday.”

For many, the first day of school is filled with nerves and anxiety for new classes, as well as excitement to see friends again. While freshmen roam the halls of their new school, the seniors begin the bittersweet start to the end of their high school career. Senior Year is a an important year for students applying for college scholarships and enjoying the last hoorah with your friends.

“While I have mixed emotions about senior year, sad but also happy, I am very excited to begin my final chapter in high school,” Cosman added.

This past week has also been packed with after-school sports practices and games. Almost all sports, including soccer, football, golf, volleyball, and field hockey have each celebrated a win, or close to it, after several weeks of long practices in the August heat. Each athlete, along with their coaches, have put in lots of time and effort into making their team the best they can be for this season.

Sophomore Abby Melito was happy to have an official first day of high school in person.

“The first day was very weird being back in-person and I could not believe how many students actually returned to school,” she said. “To my surprise I had lots of unexpected homework for the first week, but I have been able to manage it between field hockey and work.”

Melito said many students balance their time between friends, school, work and sports.

“Field hockey is a lot to have everyday after school, but I really love being around my teammates and I feel we have already made much improvement since pre-season. I am extremely excited to continue with this season and school year and I hope we are able to stay in-person throughout it all,” she said.

Being the youngest grade level in a large and new school can often be a struggle, especially when getting looked down upon by the frightening upperclassmen. Beyond that, most students of all grade levels are also student-athletes. Freshman Lucas Nicastro has recently joined the golf team with several friends.

“While my first week of school was very boring, I met new teachers and people, so I am enjoying it so far,” he said. “Golf is great, the coaches are amazing and I hope high school gets better as the year goes on.”

Another member of the golf team, freshman Brady Cunnane, had a similar experience on the first day.

“It went really smooth. I got to meet all of my teachers and find my classes. I also got to reunite with some of my friends who I did not get a chance to see over the summer. Being a part of the golf team has also been really fun and a great way to meet new people,” Cunnane said.

With all the confusion and happiness surrounding the first week of high school, students have successfully made it through. As the year progresses, there is hope for each student to find their groove academically and strive to be the best student they can be. With fingers crossed to continue in-person for the entirety of the school year, students are overjoyed to be back in the school atmosphere and see their friends.