Student of the Month recognitions return with Decatur’s PBIS Program


Kylie Record

Mrs.Putman holding a Positive Referral.

Stephen Decatur’s Positive Behavioral Intervention Support program has been instituted throughout Worcester County Public Schools since 1997.

“PBIS is a framework that is used around the country for educators to support students in positive ways,” said Lindsay Putman, one of Decatur’s PBIS coaches and a foreign language teacher. “We want to recognize students for the positive contributions they have here at school and reward students that are making good choices.”

PBIS has three tiers: first, establish a foundation of proactive support. Next, offer acknowledgment for students who are at risk for developing more serious behavior problems. Finally, provide intense, individualized support to improve behavioral and academic outcomes, according to the program website.

“Two years ago, we had a lot of really good ideas that we were starting to place,” Putnam said. “But due to COVID-19, we had to shelve a lot of ideas, since students were not in building. Although, this year we have had our first meeting and came up with some ideas to get the program up and running again.”

Aspects of PBIS that students are most familiar with are positive referrals.

“We used to consistently have a student of the month, and we are now re-instituting that,” Putman said. “We will be announcing the student of the month every first Friday of the following month throughout the school year.”

Putman is one of at least a dozen other teachers who run the Decatur PBIS committee. They are interested in direct and diverse student involvement with the program.

“We are also going to be starting a small student committee,” Putman added, “to work alongside of us that would meet just once a month to get ideas from students. We want to hear student’s feedback about what would be wanted as rewards or things in school that we could recognize or contribute to.”

If you are interested in participating in the committee or would like an additional information about the program reach out to Mrs. Putman or Mr. Pylupzuck.