Decatur welcomes new teacher Ms. Johnson

Anna Berges, Staff Writer

New to Stephen Decatur, Ms. Tatiyana Johnson has started her teaching here for the 2021-2022 season.

She is juggling three different classes: Nutritional Science, Singles Living, and Family Consumer Science. In the spring semester she will teach Family Child Care.

A graduate of North Hagerstown High School, Johnson spent her college years at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

“The reason I got into teaching was due to college, and trying to find a last-minute career to pursue,” she said. “In the last six months of my college experience during my senior year, that is how I became a teacher. Right after that, I entered my Master’s program to pursue my career as a teacher.”

Johnson said her favorite part about teaching these classes is the cooking and baking she gets to do with students. In Nutritional Science, students get the opportunity to be exposed to making and using recipes, and taking in the cooking aspects.

“The hands-on experience is great for students to receive, and helps keep the students involved,” she said.

As widespread of apathy can be seen throughout the school, mostly due to COVID-19, it can be challenging for teachers to ensure every student is engaged.

“The most difficult aspect of teaching would have to be keeping the students motivated,” Johnson said, “Keeping each and every student on task can be a struggle at times, unfortunately.”

Although Johnson is new to the Decatur community, she plans on continuing to pursue her teaching career for years to follow.