New restrictions for Winter sports


The Bayside Athletic Conference is following through on multiple Covid-19 protocols for this year’s Winter sport season.

Unvaccinated student athletes must be tested for COVID-19 at a minimum of once every 14 calendar days, according to conference officials. This statement applies to every public high school on the Eastern Shore of Maryland from Mardela to Kent Island, and includes every Winter sport.

Even though the 2020-21 sports season was cut off because of the pandemic, these new protocols for 2021-22 are causing some controversy among students who disagree with these precautions.

Junior Gavin Stearn has been a member of Decatur’s swim team since his freshman year and he is unvaccinated. He said he would not get vaccinated to avoid the testing every two weeks.

“I think it is unnecessary to have mandatory tests for students that play sports,” he said. “It seems pointless considering that the majority of kids that attend school everyday are not getting tested every two weeks. So, what is the difference if you play a sport?”

Despite some Covid-related inconveniences this Winter sport season, Stearn says he did not hesitate to swim.

“I am looking forward to at least having a season this year,” he said.

Junior Kayla Brady, a third-year Varsity girls basketball player, said she’s looking forward to having a normal season soon.

“Since I am vaccinated, I won’t have to be tested every two weeks,” she said. “It so happens that I have Calculus the period they test, which would be crucial to miss, so I see how this protocol could be an inconvenience for some students.”

Decatur Wrestling Coach Todd Martinek said he supports the measure.

“I think it is a necessity for us to have these tests during winter sports, although it is an inconvenience and a small sacrifice in order to have a season,” he said.