Staff in the spotlight: Guess who?


Kaeli Newcomb, Co Editor-in-Chief

Do you think you know a lot about the Stephen Decatur High School staff? Try out this game of Guess Who? If you think you know who the staff member is, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if you got it right!


Mystery Teacher #1 First off, this science teacher is full of charisma and humor. They are commonly found playing music for their class and students in the halls. This teacher always has a smile on their face, and is bound to put a smile on yours, too!

They are truly one of a kind, with stories from their worldwide travels, including their trip to Rajistan, India. Not only is this teacher a big traveler, they have many hobbies, too, such as playing the upright bass.

This teacher is an avid sports fan as well, on the field and in the pool. They are a huge Chicago Bears fan, and in 1987 they set the record for their high school for the 100 yard freestyle.


Mystery Teacher #2 This next person is the first you’ll see when you come in late or need to leave early. If you have a problem regarding attendance, you are bound to run into them. With laughter and a smile, this person has the ability to make someone’s day instantly.

They absolutely love makeup and shopping. This person is always found with a great outfit on and a very skilled makeup look. Additionally, they are not only a great person, but a wonderful parent; going to the trampoline park and skating with their son are their favorite things to do.


Mystery Teacher #3 Lastly, this science teacher is one that really cares about his job, allowing their students to do frequent dissections on animals such as sharks, turtles, snakes and many more. They are a fun teacher who always has the answer to any question you may have.

This teacher is a Washington Football Team fan. They are also an avid golfer – in fact, they were once featured on ESPN for a golf tournament they were in. This teacher is also a fan of chicken wings, every restaurant he goes to must have chicken wings or he will “not to go that restaurant,” they said.





















  1. Evansky
  2. Brittingham
  3. Krall