Staff in the Spotlight: Guess who?


Do you think you know a lot about the Stephen Decatur High School staff? Try out this game of Guess Who? If you think you know who the staff member is, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if you got it right!


Mystery Teacher #1: This teacher is bound to uplift and inspire students. In going the extra mile, this teacher is the advisor for the SDHS Leo Club.

This teacher has their hands full, and with three children, they are pretty busy. When out of the classroom, this teacher loves to go camping and be outdoors. Since they are an English teacher, they are not opposed to having dreams, and this teacher has always dreamed of traveling to Greece.


Mystery Teacher #2: This person has one of the biggest rooms at SDHS, it is hard to miss and as soon as you step inside, you’re bound to learn a thing or two. They are always there to help and assist with anything needed.

This person loves the outdoors. As long as they are outside, they are in their happy place, from gardening to being on the water. They also love to read… which probably won’t be much of a surprise.


Mystery Teacher #3: This teacher is one who has done a lot for SDHS. They have their hands pretty full, as a parent to boys, their life can be exciting yet crazy at times.

This teacher loves deep sea fishing, and showcases that outside of their room. They also used to coach Women’s Basketball at SDHS, and were very successful during their run as head coach. This teacher used to be the newspaper advisor as well.





















  1. Mrs. Zervakos
  2. Mrs. Cosby
  3. Mrs. Tracy