What Does Prom Cost?

Anna Berges, Staff Writer

With prom being just around the corner, taking a dive into all of the expenses going into this event is essential. If the ticket price of $60 is unsettling for you, take a look into how much of your money is really going into preparation for next Saturday.



One of the biggest expenses of the event. Ranging anywhere from a $30 Windsor dress to a $1,000 Sherri Hill dress, deciding on whether an expensive dress is worth four hours of wear is the main choice. This dress will more than likely be worn once, but until then, it’ll be in the back of your closet, or maybe even sold online on sites like Depop or Poshmark.


Did you take a leap of faith and buy a dress that didn’t exactly fit you perfectly? Taking in your dress to get hemmed or the measurements altered can range from approximately $50 to the hundreds, depending on how much work needs to be done by the seamstress. Giving yourself enough time to get this done is crucial.


You might find going out of your way and spending more time and money for someone else to do your hair unnecessary. Whether you want to skip out on the spending or go ahead and get it done, full face application at Ulta in the Tanger Outlets is $60, while hairstyling starts at $30 at Bliss Salon & Spa in Ocean City.


Are you using a pair you already have? Or will you decide to just get the $25 Amazon shoes, or the $100 Steve Madden shoes. Prices range, so you must make a choice on what’s worth it and what’s not. Jewelry is not always a must, but prepare to spend $50 and up if you are planning to get earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Spray Tan

Does your dress wash you out? You can get a one-time spray tan done for as little as $35 at Bomshell Boutique in Ocean City. However, you must give yourself two to four days to let the color really set. Planning ahead is important, as some of these tasks can or cannot be done depending on when you take action.


Getting your nails done is a must-do. Costing anywhere from $45 and up for manicures and pedicures at Venus Nails in Ocean City, their starting price for a full set of acrylics is $35, which increases once adding color and designs. Scheduling that appointment is important, as many places will be booked out for this event.


Have a date? As he will probably gift you a corsage, getting him a boutonnière is the norm. At Kitty’s Flowers in Ocean Pines, Berlin, and Salisbury, expect to spend anywhere from $17 to the twenties.

Putting into perspective how much money you will be spending, this could be anywhere from the low hundreds, or even up in the thousands. Ask yourself if the extra services are worth buying for a one-night event.


Suit/ Tuxedo

Much like the dress, the suit or tuxedo you wear will most likely be the biggest expense you run into. Don’t expect to keep it, as renting a tuxedo at Men’s Wearhouse is approximately $230. You must return the tux the next day, despite the huge payment. If you are looking to own your tuxedo, you could be looking at a charge upwards of $600.


Using shoes you already have? Buying nice dress shoes? This price could be $0 for you, or you may find yourself dropping a decent amount of money on some nice shoes.


If you have a date, expect to spend an average of $45 at Kitty’s Flowers for a corsage. If your date expects you to buy their ticket, add another $120 in total.

Just from these three things, you’re looking at spending hundreds of dollars. These are only the basics, so whether or not you decide to add on other accessories like a watch or a chain heightens your grand total.


Many decide to book a hotel for the night, following prom. With temperatures on the rise, so are the prices for hotels. On average, the hotels in Ocean City can be anywhere from $100-$200+. Booking an Uber is also not cheap. Depending on your group size, look to spend over $20, depending on where you will be picked up or dropped off. If you want to raise the bar, renting a limousine for the night would range from about $150-$200 an hour for 12-14 passengers. Dining out before prom is popular, so expect to spend a good amount if you are paying for yourself as well as a date.

This four-hour event comes with spending large amounts of money you probably wouldn’t expect to spend for one night. Whether you’re keeping it simple and at-home, or booking appointments to up your look, the Roland E. Powell Convention Center will be the final destination for students.