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Why students should get a free lunch

Renee Comet

   Providing free school lunch for kids ensure that all students have access too nutritious meals, promoting physical health that they need.

   It promotes equal opportunities, ensure basic needs, and helps create a conductive learning environment by dressing hunger relates issues, ultimately improving overall academic performance and well-being.

   There are also many articles providing information on why kids should get free lunch provided from the school.

   The eligibility for free school lunch is typically based on household income. If you meet the criteria, it can be beneficial as it ensures that students have access to nutritions meals, fostering better health and concentration in school. Forty-two percent of families are eligible for reduced price meals .

   America is one of a few of the country’s that does not provide free lunch from school.

   While several nations, including European countries and some in Asia, have implemented programs to ensure that students receive nutritious meals at school, not providing free food can be considered unfair because it may contribute to educational inequalities.

   Students facing food insecurity may struggle to focus leading too problems in a classroom.

Offering free food helps level the playing field, ensuring all students, regardless of economic background, have an equal chance to succeed in their studies by addressing basic needs.

   Also not providing free food too everyone can be a problem it may contribute too unequal opportunities and hinder the wellbeing of students. Inclusive food programs help create a more equitable educational place and success of all students.

   Lunch isn’t provided to everyone and that’s because of funding. Some areas may have more resources or prioritize such programs, while others might face limitations to advocacy for access to free school lunch.

   Addressing systemic issues relates to funding and policies are crucial steps in working towards free lunch everywhere.

   There have been many studies that shows positive impact of free school lunch on academic performance. One study says that students who receive free meals had higher test scores and improved cognitive abilities compared to those who didn’t have access regular meals.

   Another study showed that kids who had access too free school lunch had better attendance and were more engaged in the classroom.

   The decision  whether your school gets free lunch or not is typically made by many different people  of government entities, school districts and involves discussions and consideration at various levels, including local, state, and national authorities.

   Different factors such as a budget, resources and policies come into play when determining whether or not a free lunch program.

   The COVID-19 pandemic was the reason school lunch iwas free. Now, it’s all inflation, and it’s not fair that it costs so  much money. It’s unfair to  the less fortunate people.

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