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Movie Review: “Anyone But You”

Rated R. Directed by Will Gluck. Running time 1 hr 45 min. Released by Columbia Pictures.

   Do you like cheesy romance movies? Where you can predict the ending?

   Did you know, roughly seven in 10 people say they enjoy rom coms? If these all describe you, you need to run and not walk to see this movie. Everyone has been RAVING about it. It’s called “Anyone but You.” I personally went and saw this movie with my boyfriend, and we absolutely loved it!

   This movie falls in the romance/comedy genre.  This film is rated R. Some lead actors include Sydney Sweeney (Bea), and Glen Powell (Ben).

   The basic information you need to know: this movie is about two young adults navigating their way through a situation-ship with a rocky start.

   Okay, so basically the plot is pretty crazy. Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell) meet at a coffee shop in New York City. They then get to know each other and spend the rest of the day and night together.

   The next morning, Bea leaves without saying goodbye or getting his number.

   They later realize that Beas sister and one of Bens best friends are getting married. Considering that, the two are forced to spend time together during their wedding week in Australia. They pretend they are together because both of their exes also attend the wedding, and they want to make them jealous.

   Most of the movie was them faking the PERFECT relationship. They actually got away with it too. Throughout that time, they actually fall in love and end up being together at the end of the movie.

   Something that really interested me about this movie was that the plot kept getting interesting as time went on. I was like, “What’s going to happen next?” I literally didn’t predict anything except that they would obviously get together at the end.

   The soundtrack was so good too. I felt like it really fit the moments they decided to add the music in. There was one really popular song used in this movie, by Natasha Bedingfield. It is called “Unwritten.” I actually love that song now.

   I thought that Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell played such good roles in this movie, too. I really enjoyed watching them and it was honestly pretty funny, I caught myself laughing out loud once or maybe even twice.

   I recommend this movie SO MUCH! Especially to people like me who love romantic comedies. It was such an amazing movie, and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that. The actors did such an amazing job at portraying their characters. The plot was also kept interesting throughout the movie, not to mention it wasn’t dragged on and the actual film wasn’t even that long.

   To wrap up, I highly recommended this movie. It was so cute and adorable, and I really enjoyed seeing it. I would totally go back and see it again!  

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