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Throwback Movie Review: Footloose

Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon in “Footloose” (1984)

Could you imagine that there was a law in your hometown that you couldn’t play any music or have dances?

Well, in this movie, that is exactly what happens: high schoolers can’t have any type of dance like Homecoming and Prom, and they’re not allowed to play any sort of music anywhere!

The movie “Footloose” came out in 1984. This movie is a very old one, but it is definitely worth the watch. Footloose is a PG movie. Footloose follows around this young teen boy named Ren (Kevin Bacon) in this musical drama.

Another main character in this movie is Ariel (Lori Singer), we follow both of them when they are in high school and see how their life was back then and all these laws they had to obey. This movie is almost two hours long, so a little bit longer than usual, but it is definitely worth the watch.

Ren is a teenager who just moved from Chicago with his mother to live with his aunt in the town of Bomont, Utah. When he goes to church in the morning, he meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen (Ariel).

When Ren gets to high school, he meets his new best friend, who informs him that there is a law that they banned dancing and rock music. There is a whole thing that happens with Ren and Ariel boyfriend but if I tell you guys that it will spoil it. That is the most I can tell you without spoiling the whole thing, so your going to have to go watch it and see how it turns out!

Something very important that you need to know about this movie is that it is based off of real events. Yes, there actually was a time in some city’s where music and dancing was banned for everyone. The high-school students decide to rebel against this because it is not fair that they cannot listen to music or dance, that’s the one thing they love to do.

I 100% recommend this movie, I watched this movie about a year ago with my dad and I fell in love with it. Each month now, I watch it at least once, that is how good it is. This movie can be watched by all ages but honestly if you’re in middle school or high school that is where it is the best watch because its all about high-school students.

I really liked this movie because its crazy to think that once before there was a law you can’t listen to any music or dance. That is just insane to even think about. Another reason I really like this movie is because the actors they picked, I’m gonna be honest if they would have picked any other different actors it would have not been as good.

I hope you guys take my advice and watch this movie because you will honestly love it!



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