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Study Skills You’ll Need To Succeed

Lilly Paquette
Junior Sophia Abu-Zaid studies in the media center.

Although people in all levels of school believe that they have good study skills, you would be surprised!

It is not easy to gain those great skills to prepare you for tests, classwork, or any other type of schoolwork. The most popular ways that people study quickly are notecards, reading over notes, or writing notes again for the second time.

 A lot of teachers prefer writing notes over again multiple times to reassure your brain of the facts and information you need to know for said assignment or big exam. Notes are good for memorization due to reading, writing, and you can verbally go over them in class also.

It has shown that students that organize their notes with colors, topics, and formats will do better than unorganized notes. Students that are unorganized are likely to know the information but not in order because of not going over the information in sections.

Note cards are effective but it’s the way you use them that might not make them as effective as other study tools. The most productive way to use notecards is first to put a lot of information on the back and then a specific topic on the front.

These methods will then set you up to be able to make new notecards with less information on the back and the same topic on the front, this will lead you to memorization! Altogether, the more you chunk your topics of studying and start to decrease the amount given to memorize will help your brain with the ability to answer those questions on assignments.

Another good way of taking notes is writing down as your teachers speak in a lecture and also writing down their hints and suggestions for you to take throughout the course.

Taking your OWN notes is important rather than writing down what someone already did. When you write something in your own words it’ll help you memorize quicker and easier. Studying is not something for a big test, it shouldn’t be something that you do in a short span of time.

Studies show that when you study for a certain amount of time per day and at the same time every day will make it less stressful on test day.

Learning study skills takes time to perfect, especially for the higher-level courses. It might take years to learn what works for you as a student and if you’re better at virtual, visual, or physical illustration of the instruction. If these skills don’t help you, you can always let another person quiz you on information till you get correct answers.

These are just a few study skills explaining how they should be used but there are endless ways to obtain the information you will want and need to memorize for classes for any level of assignment.

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